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Life Changing Experiences

In partnership with NIVEA

Our purpose:
To empower vulnerable teenage girls to make positive life choices for a better future

Welcome Life Changing Experiences Foundation

Life Changing Experiences Foundation offers youth support programs. Its primary initiative is the SISTER2sister Program.

The SISTER2sister Program – a 12 month mentoring program for teenage girls at risk of abuse and/or neglect which provides the girls with professional positive female role models to inspire and motivate them through a goal setting and achieving program to make a difference to their lives. This program is currently running in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area (NSW).

The Butterfly Opportunity Program – an ongoing opportunity beyond the SISTER2sister Program for skills development and work experience in collaboration with the community, involving local educational institutions and businesses.

Butterfly Support Services - to provide all encompassing wrap around services that address the current issues facing present and past Little Sisters in order to assist them to maximise the learning and skills they gain within the SISTER2sister Program OR Butterfly Support Services is a program designed to extend and facilitate additional welfare support to the program beneficiaries past and present

Corporate Butterfly Program - Mentor for a Day – an opportunity to engage corporate staff to use their paid volunteer days to be a Mentor for a Day through an introductory pre-selection program for nominations who have missed joining the current SISTER2sister Program. This program will run concurrently and will also allow us to assess the commitment of the nominees. Their mentors in the monthly activities will however vary as will the workshops and activities which will be designed by the "mentors-for-a-day" with guidance from the Foundation team.

CEO Jessica Brown talks about the NIVEA-SISTER2sister Program




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