Do you remember being a teenager? Did you ever wrestle with negative self-image or low esteem? Did you, or someone you know, grow up with domestic violence, a teen pregnancy or coming to terms with an absent parent? In her early years as a teacher, Jessica Brown, CEO and Founder of the Life Changing Experiences Foundation, witnessed many of these dynamics. She saw the impact of multi-generational disadvantage on students and realised how many teenagers fall through the cracks of society because of their circumstances. 

Jessica was passionate about finding a way to break that cycle and started the Life Changing Experiences Foundation in 2003. She chose to focus on teenage girls because they’re the mothers of the next generation. Her goal is to empower those girls to make better choices and ignite their desire to strive for a better future for themselves and their children.

In 2005, Jessica was featured on an ABC documentary to raise awareness for the SISTER2sister mentoring programme. A couple on the Central Coast, Margaret and Rob Chapman, saw the documentary and the Foundation’s potential to help vulnerable teenagers. A donation from the Chapmans enabled Jessica to launch the now infamous SISTER2sister program.

Margaret says,

“I phoned Jess to find out more, and asked what they needed… and the rest is Jessica’s story! Rob and I were lucky enough to be able to help at a crucial time and to “make a difference”.  We have continued to support SISTER2sister every year since, and are delighted that the Life Changing Foundation has now assisted so many others, and is still growing.”

On #GivingTuesday we wanted to share the Chapmans story. Even though our Foundation has been around for 14 years, we still run 100% on donations. We don’t accumulate savings each year so every year is a fresh fundraising challenge. Regular monthly donations, like those from the Chapmans, no matter how small, help us start the conversations with vulnerable teenage girls which result in changing the course of their life – for good. Will you help us protect a vulnerable teen girl in 2018 with a donation of $10 today?


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