At the SISTER2sister program, we truly believe that mentoring is one of the best ways to help young teenagers find and harness their potential. Over the past 14 years, we’ve seen first-hand the countless benefits of youth mentoring and how it’s changing lives.

Often, young girls the most vulnerable and malleable when they’re between the ages of 12 and 18 years old. Without proper support or positive peers to look up to, it frequently leaves them in a susceptible situation and aren’t able to realise and unlock their full potential.

Unfortunately, for many young girls, their teenage years can be the most harmful for them.

Young girls not only have to deal with external pressures from society, but also school, friends and family. They’re also dealing with personal and family issues and then simultaneously dealing with the consequential stress of all of it, which often leaves young girls in a vulnerable and susceptible state.

Before completing our SISTER2sister program, we noticed a lot of these issues were affecting our Little Sisters.



of our Little Sisters were identified as “High” or “Very High” clinical risk of having psychological or behavioral disorders.


of our Little Sisters had required medical attention but did not have an adult who could or was willing to take them to the doctors.


of our Little Sisters miss between 1 or 2 days of school every week due to issues at home, lack of transport or family issues.

These figures broke our hearts, we had to do something about it. Over the past 14 years, we’ve perfected our SISTER2sister program in order to best benefit our Little Sisters.

We run a year long mentoring program for our Little Sisters. They’re mentored by incredibly strong and passionate female peers who guide them through the year and the problems they face. It’s something we’ve tried and tested over the last 14 years, and we’ve been able to see the benefits.

Jessica Brown, founder and CEO of Life Changing Experiences says:

“Over the past 14 years I have witnessed almost 500 girls graduate the SISTER2sister program. During this time, I’ve seen a significant increase in high school graduation rates, lower school drop outs, healthier relationships and lifestyle choices and a better attitude about school.”

Youth mentoring allows for positive support of young girls when they need it the most. Each year after the SISTER2sister program, we see astonishing results from our Little Sisters.



of our Little Sisters have a better understanding of what can trigger their anger, sadness or anxiety.


felt more committed to attending and finishing school.


of our 2016 Little Sisters will be the first member of their family to finish High School

These are the sorts of outcomes we witness each year with the SISTER2sister program, but we can’t do it without your help. The SISTER2sister program is funded solely by fundraising and donations. Which is why our annual Life Changing Ball on June 2 is so important. The more money we raise at this prestigious event, the more teenage girls we will be able to share the SISTER2sister program with in 2019.

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Youth Mentoring Changes Lives

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