The impact you can have is phenomenal

Life Changing Experience receives no government funding. We rely entirely on the generosity of our volunteers and supporters.

If you’d like to help us make a difference in the lives of ‘at risk’ teenage girls, below are some suggestions on how you could help.


Monthly pledge and one-off donations

Donate prizes for fundraisers, gifts or experiences for the Little Sisters.

Workplace Giving



Fundraise through Everyday Hero for City2Surf or Cole Classic

Host a Blind Date Book Fair

Contact us for more ideas on ways to fundraise at your workplace, school or community centre

Want a fun way to get involved?

Host a Blind Date Book Fair at your Workplace, School, Community Centre etc

  1. Download a poster to promote your event and collect pre-loved books from your friends/family/colleagues. Get them to write down 3 key things that would help people understand the book (without revealing the book’s name).
  2. Wrap the books in plain paper and write down the 3 key points.
  3. Host a Book Fair and invite your colleagues to purchase a ‘Blind Date Book’ for $10 to help raise money for the SISTER2sister program.

$10K is all it takes to change the life of an 'at risk' teenage girl

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