Obstacle: Suicide attempts & violence in the home
What obstacles in life have you been faced with and why were you nominated for SISTER2sister?

At a young age, my parents split up. Living with my mum was challenging. The house was an absolute mess. I would go to school without breakfast, even lunch. I was overweight as sometimes my only proper meal would be on a Thursday which would be takeaway. My family and I would do nothing but argue which was not doing any good for anyone.

At the age of 11, I decided to move in with my dad and step mum. Although the house was clean, I was getting fed, losing weight and my attendance at school improved dramatically, the arguments were so much worse.

My step brother was an extremely violent person, we were constantly having to replaces doors and fix holes in the walls. Although it was only a handful of times when he would get to me, I witnessed physical assault to both my step mother and to my father causing the police to be called. As the years went on he got stronger and scarier. My step mum showed her true colours and turned out to be the worse person in the world, making stories up about me, yelling at me every opportunity she could get. This drove me to the point of becoming suicidal. I felt completely disconnected from my father and like I was completely alone. I was traumatised by violence in the sense I shake and cry uncontrollably.

What impact has your Big Sister had on your life? Are you still in contact?

My Big Sister showed me that someone will be there for you. She’s the loveliest person I have ever met and I couldn’t have asked for a better Big Sister.

Did the SISTER2sister program make an impact on your life? If so what impact did it make?

Massively. This program showed me the light. At the end of the day, no matter how hard things will get in your life, there will always be someone there to help you and guide you through any obstacles you are facing.

I went into the program as the shyest girl anyone could meet. I left the program a completely different person. I came out of my shell.

What have you achieved since graduating from the program?

I’ve become a lot more confident in talking to new people. I have the confidence to try new and exciting things, and most importantly that there’s always a silver lining at the end of the day.

Why should people support SISTER2sister?

This program is exactly what the world needs. There are so many girls out there like me who have stories just as bad as mine. The SISTER2sister program is something that girls need in their lives to realise that things aren’t so bad. The support of the SISTER2sister program makes it all worthwhile.

Little Sister Melissa

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