Obstacle: Self-Harm & Trauma from bereavement from her best friends’ suicide
What obstacles in life have you been faced with and why were you nominated for SISTER2sister?

I have had many obstacles come in my life. 2007 would have to be the worst. In February my best friend committed suicide and then not even two weeks later another friend had passed away due to anaphylaxis at a sports carnival. With the two together I thought life wasn’t worth living. I never went to school, self-harmed and turned to drugs and alcohol as well as breaking the law and starting fights. I was nominated to the SISTER2sister program by my school counsellor as she was greatly concerned for my wellbeing.

What impact has your Big Sister had on your life? Are you still in contact?

My Big Sister Natalie and also Jo had a huge impact on me. They really did turn my life around and helped me to see that there is always a brighter side to everything that happens.

Did the SISTER2sister program make an impact on your life? If so what impact did it make?

The SISTER2sister program had a huge impact on my life. The program meant so much to me, the amazing experiences I had, and the amazing people I met. The S2s program taught me that I wasn’t the only person that needed help and that there are always other people out there who have even more problems than me.

What have you achieved since graduating from the program?

Since leaving the S2s program I have now completer two Tafe courses. I now work at a school for children with disabilities that I’d never trade for anything.

Why should people support SISTER2sister?

People should support the S2s program because it’s an amazing program that helps so many lost young teens and gets them on the right track again.

Little Sister Pauline

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