NO LIMITS FOR GIRLS is a new program designed to extend the reach of the award winning SISTER2sister program, which has delivered strong outcomes in improving the lives of teenage girls.

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“We want young girls to feel empowered, respected & confident and equipped to make the most of opportunities that they have ahead of them, which is what makes me so excited about this program”.

Director and Chair of the LCEF Melbourne Management Committee, Susi Collas

Year 7 girls are particularly susceptible to increased social pressure as they enter high school, as well as broader cultural pressures as they move into adulthood. Many girls face additional challenges based on disadvantage, childhood trauma or other circumstance.

Providing support to young women at this stage of development has the potential to increase their resilience, emotional intelligence and stress management skills, creating a strong foundation for personal growth. The program is designed as a series of half-day workshops delivered twice per term over 2-3 terms, with the number of students per session limited to 36.

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No Limits For Girls program

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  • The program provides an opportunity for the girls to share their experiences of Year 7
  • Provides an opportunity for the girls to share their ideas of things that could cause them stress or anxiety
  • Provides information on responses to stress
  • Identifies where they feel stress or fear reactions in their bodies
  • Provides opportunities for increasing empathy as they listen to each others’ experiences
  • Creates understanding about other young people’s different experiences
  • Explores and practices a range of strategies to manage stress and fear responses in and out of the classroom
No Limits For Girls, Bullying, Self Image, Cyber Safety
No Limits For Girls, Bullying, Self Image, Cyber Safety


Building on the awareness from the previous session we will explore protective behaviours from an adolescent perspective:

  • Listening to their body and recognising early warning signs (related to peer group pressure in particular)
  • How to use these skills in different situations for example on-line
  • Why their brains are working differently in adolescence (the drive to fit in)
  • How this can turn into a bit of a battleground inside themselves
  • Developing their help-seeking skills

No Limits for Girls

This session will be encouraging girls be “Sisters” to other young women rather than competitors:

  • What is true about girls and what do people say about girls – exploring gender stereotypes
  • What does “Like a Girl” mean. Exploring the impacts of gender on girls’ behaviour and how they think they should act and what they can do
  • “Girl Hate” – exploring jealousy, mistrust, fighting and attacking of other girls and how this relates to the previous discussions on gender
  • What is personal power and how to use it as a privlege and not a weapon

“We hope these half-day workshops will enable Year 7 students to feel supported and educated during this crucial developmental stage of their life. Furthermore, giving students the ability to listen to each other’s’ experiences will allow them to feel safe and connect on a deeper level. SISTER2sister has had a lasting impact on many adolescents’ lives and we hope this initiative has the same effect throughout these young girls’ schooling life”.

Founder and CEO at LCEF, Jessica Brown