These are actual stories from some of the girls whose lives have been changed by the SISTER2sister program.

They have given us permission to use their stories in the hope that we can help more teenage girls overcome life’s challenges and to see a more positive future.

Little Sister Renee

‘Little Sister’ Renee overcame a struggle with her mother’s depression, as well as sexual assault. With the help of the SISTER2sister program, especially her bond with ‘Big Sister’ mentor Leisa, Renee was driven to finish school with HSC and was brave enough to experience a variety of jobs until she found her niche. Since graduating, Renee feels she has gained more confidence and has a greater self-esteem.

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Little Sister Rachael

One of 5 children, ‘Little Sister’ Rachael did not have a loving and supportive relationship with her single mother, and her father was absent. She struggled to see her self-worth. Rachael met her ‘Big Sister’ mentor Melissa and for the first time saw how success in education, career and life could help you to enjoy life. The SISTER2sister program was the support that Rachael needed, to help her set goals and strive to achieve success in her life. Since graduating from the program she is studying health science at university and plans to complete her master’s degree, so she can make her mark in public health.

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Little Sister Pauline

Following the suicide deaths of her two best friends, ‘Little Sister’ Pauline found solace in drugs, alcohol and was also self-harming. Meeting her ‘Big Sister’ mentor Natalie, turned her life around and helped Pauline to find the brighter side of life. Since graduating from the SISTER2sister program, she has completed two TAFE courses and now helps others, working at a school for children with disabilities.

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Little Sister Nicole

‘Little Sister’ Nicole has experienced a multitude of trauma that a young
person should not have to endure. From domestic violence, assault, her father’s death, her own medical condition, she also assumed guardianship of her younger sister. Her focus is now on her future, to be a great mother and to provide her two beautiful daughters a more positive future.

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Little Sister Melissa

‘Little Sister’ Melissa’s childhood rocked by her parents separation. After a neglectful arrangement at her mother’s, she decided to move with her father and step mother. Her step brother was extremely violent towards her parents, to the extent that the police were called. She felt totally alone and became suicidal. The SISTER2sister program provided Melissa with support and gave her a different view on life. Since graduating from the program, she has a new self-confidence and sees the positive in life.

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Little Sister Lyndsey

‘Little Sister’ Lyndsey suffered low self-esteem as a result of bullying, so rebelled and acted out behaviourly. In 2011, she met her ‘Big Sister’ mentor Kathy on the SISTER2sister program, who helped Lyndsey turn her life around and most importantly find herself again. After completing school, Lyndsey has followed her dream of becoming an actress, finishing her first year at Acting College.

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Little Sister Krystal

‘Little Sister’ Krystal suffered from bullying due to her weight, and this affected her education. She was also homeless during her early years. Upon joining the SISTER2sister program, she was paired with ‘Big Sister’ mentor Gina who showed her how to enjoy life, to try new things and most importantly how to set goals to achieve her dreams. Since graduating from the program, Krystal has become the primary carer for her mother, and is studying aged care, so she can provide more support for her mum. Gina is still a huge influence in Krystal’s life, providing guidance and support.

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Little Sister Danielle

From age 15, ‘Little Sister’ Danielle suffered from depression and anxiety due to bullying and subsequently developed an eating disorder. Life has changed for Danielle since graduating the SISTER2sister program. She has gained self-confidence and is now planning her wedding to top off her very happy life.

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Little Sister Catherine

At a young age, ‘Little Sister’ Catherine assumed adult responsibilities to look after her family, due to her mother’s illness, and had to contend with financial issues on top of this. As a result, Catherine struggled with mental and physical health issues. During the SISTER2sister program, ‘Big Sister’ Diala became the strong female influence in her life, helping Catherine to set goals, and to achieve success like graduating from university with a degree in hospitality management and landing her ‘perfect’ job in a local community sports club.

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Little Sister Aiesha

At the tender age of 12, ‘Little Sister’ Aiesha tragically lost her mother
to terminal illness, and her father was not present in her life. Her school counsellor nominated her for the SISTER2sister program, which proved to be life changing. Aiesha was matched with ‘Big Sister’ mentor Kristen, who helped her through life’s obstacles and continues to support her 3 years on.

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Little Sister India

India is a rather exceptional 13 year-old participating in the 2012 SISTER2sister program. With family support from Nan, a compassionate and fun-loving Big Sister and her own determination, India is growing in confidence, embracing new experiences and discovering how she can have a positive impact in the community.

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Little Sister Stories