A girl called Alanah

Sometimes we get to choose our circumstances. Often we don’t. Especially when we’re young and don’t have access to financial resources, family support or external help to be able to make a change.

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Mentoring: A real-life connection in a modern world

It’s no surprise that the ability to develop personal connections has been disrupted in the digital age. Becoming a Big Sister Mentor presents a fantastic opportunity to reap the benefits of helping another person, developing connections and doing something positive.

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What is Childhood Trauma?

Childhood trauma refers to experiences that include children and young people who have lived in war torn countries and refugee camps, who have experienced child abuse and neglect, sexual abuse, exposure to domestic and family violence or who have lived with parents with mental illness and/or drug and alcohol abuse.

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Youth Mentoring Changes Lives

At the SISTER2sister program, we truly believe that mentoring is one of the best ways to help young teenagers find and harness their potential. Over the past 14 years, we’ve seen first-hand the countless benefits of youth mentoring and how it’s changing...

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Girls supporting girls

Have you ever said, or heard, this: ‘I get along better with guys than girls’? Sometimes it feels all too common for teenage girls not to get along with other girls. Maybe because we’ve all had to deal with a stereotypical ‘mean girl’. Maybe because girls often judge...

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Jessica’s Story

Overseeing the SISTER2sister program for 14 years has been an incredible experience. Witnessing the changes in the Little Sisters, no matter big or small, over time and knowing we had something to do with it is very rewarding. It inspires me to keep going in a tough and competitive sector.

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Manly Daily: Mentors needed by ex-teacher to help young women reach their potential

Mentors needed by ex-teacher to help young women reach their potential
COULD you help a young woman from Sydney turn her life around?
A charity set up by a former high school teacher needs mentors. Jessica Brown, 48, from Balgowlah started the charity 14 years ago after working as a music teacher in Bankstown. Mrs Brown, who grew up in Forestville, realised many of her students were not reaching their potential in the classroom.

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Women’s Agenda: One woman’s mission to empower vulnerable teenage girls

Jess Brown credits her ‘passion for helping others’ as the driving force behind her inspiring career.
Jess is the latest to be featured in our ‘Game Changing Women’ series. We check in with her for an update on the foundation, her new focuses with evolving the SISTER2sister initiative and what kind of legacy she hopes the organisation will leave.

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