Big Sister Alicia Hill already has a busy lifestyle, heading up the Investor Relations and Marketing for a boutique investment company. Yet despite a fulfilling career and social life, Alicia felt there was more she had to offer.

In her words, this is how SISTER2sister found Alicia and profoundly impacted her life.

“Many grow up wondering how they will make a difference, do something that counts or that instigates change in another – I was one of those people. The obvious answer would be to choose a profession that has an impact everyday without thinking – like a nurse or a doctor, but for me, this was not my calling. I pondered for years before the answer fell in my lap.

A couple of years ago a colleague told me how she had recently become a ‘Big Sister’. I was intrigued and knew I had to be apart of such a program. I researched a number of organisations before settling on the professional and supportive NIVEA SISTER2sister program.

My little sister India entered the program, and my life, half way through last year. Given India’s unique circumstances and her young age she was accepted to continue the program over 2012.

India is 12 years old and is one of the youngest in the program, however she is not short on strength and determination. One of my proudest moments was her demonstration of these qualities on Trapeze Day. India has a fear of heights and if you are not familiar with trapezeing, you have to climb a ladder about 20 meters up in the air to get to a platform (a narrow plank of wood) from which you begin your trapeze act – which believe me is no easy task, and even harder when you have a fear of heights. India with her strong determination continued to try and get up that ladder six or seven times throughout the day. I was so very proud. It didn’t matter that she didn’t get up that ladder in the end, because the journey for her was the highlight.

India has just started high school and while the age difference presents a slight barrier to us having common interests, we are very similar in the sense that we are both willing to give anything a go. Our relationship is certainly still developing and no doubt like any relationship, will continue to grow over the years. I very much look forward to watching India grow into a strong and capable young lady.

I am in a very privileged position to have met a number of wonderful young girls and it warms my heart to think that in some small way I might be contributing to their growth and life experience.

Each Little Sister is unique and special and that is why the NIVEA SISTER2sister program is so amazing, because it presents to the girls situations and opportunities that allow them to grow and be challenged in ways they never thought possible.”