1. What is your background and how were you nominated for SISTER2sister?
I’m originally from Ireland and arrived in Australia in February 2009.  I learned about the program via my relationship with NIVEA (long-term program sponsor) and as soon as I knew my visa was secure, I signed up as a big Sister for the 2010 program.

What was your greatest experience being a Big Sister mentor?

I really enjoyed the four-day bootcamp. It was a brilliant opportunity to have plenty of time to get to know Jenny and we went through some challenges together. We broke wood with our bare hands and even walked on glass! Jenny was much braver than me, which was a little embarrassing.

What impact did your Little Sister have on your life?

It’s been three years since the official program, and Jenny and I are still in touch. We have a “date” about three times a year, and have gone to a Tony Robbins weekend and TEDx Sydney together. Jenny is quite honestly the smartest teenager I know, it’s been an honour to get to know her and her perspective on life.

Why should someone become a Big Sister mentor?

I myself have benefited enormously from mentors and sponsors over the years, so for me it was an opportunity to pass that on. We tend to have quite a one-dimensional experience of life, so it’s a great way to get to know people from different backgrounds and walks of life.

Why should people support SISTER2sister?

Having been part of the program, I see firsthand the challenges that the SISTER2sister team go through to support the girls they help. They step in at points when everyone else in a girl’s life isn’t there, and for those girls they are an absolute lifeline.