Many of our Little Sisters join us when they’re 14. It feels like a nice balance that this weekend the Life Changing Experiences Foundation celebrated 14 years young. 14 years ago I never imagined I’d meet so many wonderful people willing to join me on this journey of changing the lives of disadvantaged teen girls across Sydney.

Thank you to our Big Sisters for selflessly mentoring our Little Sisters.

Thank you to the 400 Little Sisters who’ve come through our program since we began for bringing open minds and hearts, as much as you were able.

Thank you to our Counsellors for providing a thoughtful, meaningful curriculum.

Thank you to our Corporate partners and pro-bono supporters – you make everything easier.

Thank you to the organisations who make our Outings possible, you help us show our Little Sisters that having fun is a good part of life and can be a regular part of life.

Thank you to our talented Patron and Ambassadors who help promote our mission.

Thank you to our school partners who help us identify girls who really need support in the formative stages of their lives.

Thank you to our Donors, your financial contributions change lives in real and material ways.

Thank you to our many, many volunteers. The time and energy you devote to our Foundation is immeasurable and we couldn’t function without you.

Thank you to Marnee for everything that you are and everything that you do.

Thank you to Kara for keeping us visible to the world through all our transformations.

Thank you to my partner for understanding my life’s calling.

So its a happy birthday to the Life Changing Experiences Foundation but its also happy birthday to you all too, for making this cause into something I’m proud to lead.