In September 2016 we engaged The Incus Group to assist it to develop a social impact measurement framework for our flagship program SISTER2sister and we are very excited that this report is now complete. This report provides concrete evidence that the SISTER2sister program is literally “life changing”.

In addition to developing the framework, the principles of Social Return on Investment (SROI) were applied to gather data and provide an evidence base to quantify and value the short term and long-term social impacts created through the program.

The purpose of this report was threefold:

1. To detail the theory and evidence underpinning the design of the SISTER2sister program and to articulate clearly the impacts it seeks to achieve.

2. To present the Observed Change Measurement Framework – this is a new tool developed by Life Changing Experiences Foundation (LCEF) in consultation with The Incus Group to enable LCEF to capture, measure and report on changes achieved through the SISTER2sister program year on year in a simplified manner.

3. To provide a financial value of the short-term social outcomes achieved for the 2016 and 2017 Little Sister cohorts, as well as to provide an indication of the long-term value created.

We are absolutely thrilled to say that for every dollar spent we have a social return on investment of $6.8.