“Empower vulnerable teenage girls to make positive life choices for a better future”.

The SISTER2sister mentoring program is an evidence-based and trauma-informed youth development program that provides structured mentoring, psychoeducational workshops, welfare support and crisis intervention services to vulnerable or disadvantaged teenage girls (Little Sisters) aged from 12 years and up.

SISTER2sister provides guidance, education, mentoring and a safe-haven for these Little Sisters, to break the cycle of abuse and neglect and help them turn their lives around. By equipping the Little Sisters with crucial survival and life skills, the resilience to overcome challenges, and an environment fostering self-worth, the SISTER2sister mentoring program empowers them to make positive choices for a better future.

LCEF recruits, screens and trains successful female volunteer mentors (Big Sisters) to partner (1:1) with ‘at-risk’ teenage girls and support them through a structured year-long mentoring and education program. LCEF works with school counsellors, youth workers, Community Service caseworkers, welfare agencies and police enforcement to identify the girls in greatest need of education, support and guidance.

The SISTER2sister program is the only program of its kind in Australia which provides an integrated, holistic, trauma-informed mentoring and education framework, inclusive of ongoing support to the Little Sisters beyond the structured program itself. All staff, presenters and volunteer mentors undergo extensive trauma and risk management training to ensure a safe, stable and positive network of adults is able to support, encourage and inspire the Little Sisters who are referred to the mentoring program.