Our Youth Programs

An intensive youth mentoring and educational program for teenage girls in need of a positive female role model to help them overcome their circumstances and empower them to reach their limitless potential.

A school workshop Series for Year 7 students, designed to empower young women by increasing their resilience, emotional intelligence, stress management skills, and create a strong foundation for personal growth.

WHy We Help

Abuse, neglect, poverty, addiction, mental health and teen pregnancy all have a devastating impact on vulnerable teenage girls. Those who suffer these childhood traumas are at risk of deeply entrenched inter-generational social issues on the learning, social skill development and inability of many of Australia’s teenage girls to reach their full potential.

Who we help

Girls recognised as being in critical need of a positive female role model are referred to our SISTER2sister program through school counsellors, community services, women’s refuges, the juvenile justice system and various welfare agencies. These girls are often incapable of imagining a life outside of their present circumstances. SISTER2sister gives these girls a temporary reprieve from the day-to-day hardships they face and provides them with a safe, nurturing, non-judgmental and socially inclusive environment from which they can establish positive life-long friendships, explore their talents and learn how to enhance their lives and become active contributing members of their community.

We accept girls from all nationalities, religions and socio economic groups, who have presented with a wide range of challenges preventing them from reaching their full potential. Some of these include, but are not limited to; trauma, bereavement, victims of physical, sexual or emotional abuse, bullying, poverty, neglect, homelessness, sickness, disability, cultural isolation, family breakdown, addiction, mental illness and teen pregnancy.

These are the actual statistics of the girls who participated in the 2016 program, highlighting the need for the SISTER2sister program.


Of our Little Sisters have attempted suicide or made plans to end their own life


were identified as “High” or “Very High” clinical risk of having psychological or behavioural disorders


come from broken families or live in full-time care


miss an average of 3 days of school per month due to feelings of anxiety or depression

See page 37 of our annual report for more statistics